I’ve collected a few more blog “gems” in the last few weeks and thought it’d be worth giving them a shout-out for anyone else looking for a few new good reads (finding new blogs that I love is like getting a gift, and I get excited to peel back the layers and see what’s inside :))!

  1. The Catherinette Chronicles: Any blog with a tagline like “putting the sin in singleton” is a blog I just HAVE to follow! She’s hilarious – good read for all you singles out there. Looking forward to digging in further!
  2. Musings of the Lil Devil Mama: Her writings somewhat remind me of a few of my reoccuring posts – she has HSD (hot single dad), I have CSB (cute spin boy; and okay, so I don’t HAVE him, but we’re talking semantics right?! teehee)
  3. The Lone Mizer: He’s freshly going through divorce, and I SO feel his pain and sadness, particularly leading into the holidays. He is where I was last year at this time, and I know he’ll slowly move forward, but it takes time, strength and support. I know he can do it
  4. Suddenly Single Journey: Another great read on navigating the single waters (and check out her glossary of “players/terms” – a riot!)

Just a few new ones for your reading pleasure (and mine!). It’s funny – some of the blogs on my blogroll are evolving, ever so slowly, towards a broader mixture of divorce blogs and dating blogs. Good mix, so many good insights out there, lots of humor, and I learn something new every day!


Next date with boy #9 likely not until next week. I have my Group Kick training ALL weekend (25 hours in three days. I’ll be lucky if I can stand up straight after!!), so my social life will be shot for a few days, but it’s okay. Why? Because any guy that calls our time together “amazing” and something that’s kept him going all week…has potential, is worth the wait, and well, that kept ME going all day today (amazing…is that EVER a bad descriptor for a date?!) 🙂