Day two – Group Kick training.


I am SO not good at “not being good” at this training! I say that with quotes because that’s what Natalie, our trainer for the weekend said at the outset of the class. And, it’s so true. I’m feeling frustrated, impatient, and feeling as though the road ahead is incredibly daunting!

But that’s the exciting part. I feel alive, I feel exhilerated, I feel motivated to conquer it, succeed at it and “kick some!” Though I am incredibly outside of my comfort zone, I need this, and I’m trying to face this challenge with as much confidence and positivity as I can.

That was my pep talk for tonight. Why?

I have to learn and teach a track TONIGHT for tomororow morning’s session at 7:30 am. Eeek. Talk about out of my comfort zone. I can’t even remember half of the jump kicks, karate punches, upper cuts and roundhouse kicks and I’m supposed to learn a track AND teach it?

…this goes back to me not being good at “not being good.” I am feeling intimidated, but I’m going to use tonight to push through and hope for the best. That’s all I can do, right? That’s how I’ve looked at this last year of my journey, and I’m using what I’ve learned with this. I never, ever, ever saw myself doing this, EVER, so the fact that I am doing it makes me so proud.

Heck, Pete even texted me today wishing me luck, and told me he was proud of me. Pretty cool thing, if you ask me.

Anyway, remember to check out my sister’s blog as well, as she’s posting her thoughts on our training, too. And here’s a pic of us post-workout as well, so get a kick out of our tired (I’m on the right), yet sorta giddy faces!