Three days of Group Kick training – DONE.

Wow, that was intense on many more levels than I even imagined. I thought the physical portion of the weekend would be killer, but the amount of mental energy was almost more tough than the physical! My mind is overloaded with everything there is to learn, from cuing to correcting form, to my OWN form, to adding charisma and energy to my movements. It sure looks a lot easier as a participant in class than being the instructor, that’s for sure!

But, what I came away from this weekend was two things – 1) this is the most out of my comfort zone as I could possibly imagine, and something I never would have done prior to the last year of my life. That feels like a feat in itself. 2) this experience is going to completely reinvent me (again, sort of?!) body AND mind. And, THAT gets me so excited!! I can’t wait to get started and get into some team practices, and practicing a LOT with my sister as well. It’s going to be very time-consuming and I’m going to have to adjust to my routine changing, but that’s okay, because it’s worth it, and it’s what I signed up for.

It’s going to be an amazing few months…from the launch at the end of January, to our video assessments due in March, I can’t even imagine the changes, the challenges, and the fun I’m going to experience. Bring. It. On.