Well, today certainly wasn’t the way I figured Monday would shape up.

I had another date with boy #9 tonight (I think that makes it #5, right?!), sort of unexpectedly. We talked about it as a possibility last night, since it’s been a week since we last met up, and I told him I’d let him know today, depending on how much energy I felt I’d have, considering this weekend’s events pretty much wiped me out!

But, I woke up without pain or aches, and was pretty energetic, and I DID want to see him again (sooner than Friday, which is when we are getting together, anyway), so we met up for dinner. It was supposed to be a later dinner – around 8 – because he volunteers at a local shelter on Mondays and plays with the kids, to keep them occupied. How great is that? Anyway, it got canceled (water leak at the center, apparently), so we were able to get together earlier, which was nice (since my caveat to him was that it had to be an early night, since the last few were 2 am’ers, WAY past my bedtime! LOL!). Well, it’s after 11 now, so while it’s earlier, it’s not that early 😉 But, no complaints from me…I’m really enjoying spending time with him and getting to know him more.

For example, he’s adopted. So is one of his brothers. A tidbit I didn’t know before (or, that his mother is one of TWELVE children! Quite the large family!).

Another – he’s gone sky-diving.

He’s just very interesting, has a lot of “layers” and I am enjoying peeling back the layers and figuring him out.

But I can’t quite figure him out…a *smidge* frustrating, but only because it’s hard for me to NOT know someone’s quirks right away, or figure out their moods, or truly know where I “stand’ with them. I know it’s still early, and there’s plenty of time for that, and that’s a huge part of dating (and/or the start of relationships – figuring them out), but I still wonder “what’s around the corner” or “what’s next.”

…but that also makes it fun and exhilerating.

I’m having fun. I’m glad we’re continuing to go out on dates. I’m not going to go as far as to say we’re “officially” dating – because I’m not really even sure what that label means – yes, we are going on dates, but beyond that, nothing is defined, and that’s okay for now. I’m good with that. We’ll see what happens.

One day at a time.