I had date #6 with boy #9 last night (side note: debating when it makes sense to stop referring to him as boy #9, but for fear of jinxing anything, I’ll stick with it for now!), and it was, once again, great. I really enjoy spending time with him and am starting to feel more of a connection, more comfortable, and like the potential is moving beyond potential – if that makes sense?

I ended up going to his place, and we had dinner at a local tapas place down the street (which was VERY good – a place I’ve been dying to try, so it was as though he read my mind when he suggested it). We were initially going to go skating in Boston Common on frog pond, but it was frigidly cold, so we opted for a plan B! It’s nice to be dating someone that always seems to have other options for things to do in mind, and is open to trying new places, and just as happy to lay low-key as well. No fronts, no fakeness. It’s refreshing! So, after dinner, we watched a movie at his place, and enjoyed each other’s company (so to speak…!) and I ended up staying there, as it was almost 2 am (waaay past my bedtime!). So, all in all, quite a nice evening! It’s too bad I won’t see him now until at least the latter part of the first week of January (he’s off to Michigan to see his family, and is back Jan 5, which is when I have to go to Chicago for work for a few days).

So, this begs the question…when does a handful of dates become “dating?”

And what IS dating?

Is it what I’m doing now?

I’ve always equated dating to dating guys, maybe a couple at a time, not exclusively. But, with boy #9, I have pretty much ceased to continue any conversations on match.com or OK Cupid and I’m pretty sure the same holds true for him. So, are we dating, or was what I was doing before (dating different guys somewhat at once) and now we’re sort of more exclusively dating? I guess it’s sort of subjective, and it really comes down to talking about it – at some point – where this is heading, how we feel about each other etc., and I know that will come in time, but I still wonder…and don’t want to scare him off by asking about this sort of thing too soon, and I’m sure I’ll know when the time is right, right?! (note: this is me putting the cart before the horse, I realize this!!)

Thoughts?! What’s your opinion, my wonderful blog family, you!