I changed my name today – FINALLY! Well, 90% of the way, anyway…

I’ve been meaning to head to the social security office to get a new SS card so my name change really feels official (right now, it’s just changed at work, on some of my bills etc). So, off I went today, as I kick-start my vaca week, since they’re only open 9-4 (how NOT convenient!), armed with my divorce paperwork, license and birth certificate…only to be turned away because I need the flippin certified version of my divorce paperwork.

One word: LAME!

So, instead of letting it bum me out, because I’ve been meaning to get this done since the divorce court date in September, I marched to the DMV attempting to get my license changed over and THAT worked (scary, REALLY scary, actually, because I didn’t even need to show my old license, birth certificate, SS card, nada, they just made the change! What if I wanted to change my name to Barack Obama, would they have allowed it?! Seriously…wee bit scary). And then, I headed to the bank and got that changed as well. So, I am 90% of the way there, and finally feel as though I’m shedding my married name for good and just in time for 2010!!

I’d say that’s a pretty fantastic way to kick off vacation-leading-into-the-holidays, wouldn’t you?! Top that off with a fantastic shopping excursion and lunch with my mom, and it’s been golden. I’m beyond thrilled to be feeling so happy, hopeful. joyous, and in a small sense, relieved (to be happy, and NOT in the same fog-induced feeling of sadness as last year).

I’ll say it again…amazing what a difference a year makes.