News flash.

I still get lonely from time to time.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy. It doesn’t mean I am sad. It just means I’m human, and get lonely from time to time.

The difference? I get lonely much farther in between than I used to.

I call that progress.

I may come across – at least lately – as pretty happy-go-lucky and though I do feel that way, I hope it’s not coming across as fake, or overkill, because it’s nothing but truly how I am feeling.

So, combined with those happy feelings, there are some lonely moments. I’ve had a couple twinges of them the last couple of days, and they haven’t lasted long, just long enough to be noticed and felt. I know it’s normal and I have to feel my feelings and emotions and not harbor them for fear of appearing sad or unhappy. Because I’m neither of those things, and even if I was, I think I’m allowed that, as anyone is, right?

Maybe it’s the holidays approaching, and that bit of longing to have a special someone by my side to share it with. Sure, there’s boy #9, and I think it is potentially “going somewhere” but it’s still VERY soon to tell, and beyond that, he’s in Michigan until the first week of January.

And maybe it’s as simple as having some downtime at night the last few days. My days have been filled with activity, from training for Group Kick, to last minute shopping and errands, and this afternoon to a bake-a-thon with my sisters (SO excited for that!). I’ve tried to relish the downtime, because I’ve been go-go-go lately, so it’s a good change of pace, but does lend to the lonely factor just a wee bit 😉

So, I guess this is my rambling way of pulling myself out of the lonely twinge – can you tell I’m literally talking through it here right now?! And, to be honest, I already feel better! Christmas is upon us, I’m healthy, I have a great family, and I’m really looking forward to spending time with them.

Okay, I feel better now.