Seriously, WHY isn’t there a dating “rule book?”

I’ve written about this quite a few times now, and as I peruse some of my newfound dating blogs (check out …And THAT’s why you’re single for the fun blog title alone! Another good one I just found but haven’t dug into enough yet is Stories for the Single Girl Soul) it begs a few more questions swirling in my mind…

such as…how often is too often to contact boy #9 while he’s away visiting family and friends for the holidays and New Year’s Eve?

Not at all? Only by text? Just a phone call on New Year’s, perhaps?

Why aren’t there any rules?!

Yes, I realize, Overthinking Ollie is coming in to play again, when she really doesn’t need to, because I should just go with the flow, but it’s hard, because I don’t want to come across as overbearing, or clingy, or conversely, distant, noncommunicative.

So, to back up the overthinking train for a sec – we have been texting back and forth every few days, so that’s been fine. But I would like to talk to him on the phone at least once before oh, January 8 (earliest shot at getting together, realistically). Do I call? Do I see when he’s free to chat? And with texting, if he doesn’t reply to one, do I just not text back at all UNTIL he does? Or is that silly? Maybe the last text he didn’t respond to wasn’t really a text that warranted a response necessarily? Maybe I’m just to text-happy and feel the need (or want) to respond if he texts me?!

Wow, that’s a rambling question-filled, overthinking-laden paragraph, isn’t it?

This is why there should be rules. Dating rules, if you are out there, come find me, pretty please, with sugar on top? 😉