It struck me this morning that as we near the end of a decade, the sigficance, for me, is far more than “just” a decade passing.

What’s happened in ten years? A “full circle” of significance for me…let’s recap, shall we?

The 2000’s meant quite a few milestones in life, and with Pete…

  • Meeting Pete (at 20)
  • Turning 21
  • Graduating college
  • Buying a house (with Pete) at 26
  • Marrying Pete at 27
  • Separation at 29
  • Selling my house…at 30.
  • Divorcing…at 30.

In ten years, I’ve only been with one man, and now, as the end of the decade ends, I’ve added another ten to that number (and let me clarify “been” with – meaning, dating, relationships etc) – how interesting is that comparison? There are tensΒ all over the place for me right now, and as we enter 2010, I’m looking forward to it being the year of me untethered by divorce, redefined by ME, not by divorce (as a label…because, let’s face it, it’s been the elephant in the room much of the year, whereever I have been, part of the conversation at some point, which is to be expected, but it will be waning until it is no longer!).

While 2009 felt as though it was the year of redefinition for me, 2010 will be about rediscovering myself, instead, as an ongoing journey, because isn’t that what life is really all about? Rediscovery is not something that ends, it is an iterative process, something that lives and breathes with you constantly, So, instead of redefining, I’m looking forward to continuing to rediscover myself – my wants, my challenges, my weaknesses, my interests, my fears – and chronicalling them here, as often as possible.

I’ll likely be posting some resolutions for 2010 in the next day or two and I say “likely” because I’m not quite sure what those are quite yet…but I hope to grasp some thoughts on that shortly, and share them with you, and document them so I can revisit them next December.

While the 2000’s have been my “full circle decade” – what has it meant to you? Isn’t it interesting to look back at ten years and compare who you were then, to who you are now?


You may have noticed…I changed my header picture – this is a picture from a trip to Cape Cod on the weekend following my divorce court date. It was one of the best weekends of this past year, and this picture, to me, signifies life, a journey, and hope for the future.

I also *finally* updated my blog header to “3o-something” from “almost” 30-something (guess that was warranted, huh?!) and changed “redefining” to rediscovering – because that’s what 2010 is all about!!