What I neglected to mention in my New Year’s Day post was that I’ve deemed 2010 to be the year of “why not?” and “living dangerously (as discussed with some of my girls on New Year’s Eve – we’re sticking to it, ladies!)…because you only live once, right?

Now, of course, my idea of “living dangerously” isn’t quite so dangerous as you’d think – it’s not about bungee jumping or taking my life into my hands in any way, it’s about just going for it, and doing the things I always say I want to do, and stopping “can’t wait-ing” so much and just DOING.

Keeping that mantra in mind is actually refreshing for me, and I am determined to keep it going this year. As an example of that, I am heavily considering a quickie trip to the Bahamas in February. Call it cabin fever, as I’ve been cooped up for three days at home with a never-ending snowstorm that’s blanketed my surrounds with a foot of snow, but I need some vitamin D in my life and getting some sun is the best way to do it, no? 😉

Now, if  I can get a few girls together to go, that would be fantastic. However, if I can’t…do I still go? Alone? I was having this conversation “virtually” with BigLittleWolf (Daily Plate of Crazy), and she said vacationing alone has given her some of the best memories, and allowed her to visit places she wouldn’t have had the chance to if she waited for others to come with her. It’s a good point…why wait? I’m not sure if I have the guts to do it, but it’s sounding more and more tempting. We’ll see 😉


On another note, I had a great hour-long convo with “brainy blonde” aka boy #9 today. We’re nearing the three-week mark since he’s been off visiting his family, so it was great to chat for awhile (we also chatted for an hour on New Year’s Eve). We’ve had a good run of dates – I think we’re up to 6 or 7 at this point (they’re blurring together a bit now!) and it’s feeling more and more like we’re “dating” and the more we talk, the more we see eye to eye on things. Everything from being positive about life, including life’s challenges, to taking the time to travel, to just being laid back and having fun. I’m looking forward to seeing him next weekend, finally. And I’m sort of wondering where this is going…is it going “somewhere” or will it continue going one date at a time? I’m comfortable with one date at a time, it’s a good pace, but I also wonder if he’s thinking the same “where is this going?” Time will tell, and I’m sure we’ll talk about it soon (not really in a rush or anything, don’t get me wrong!!).