*bonus post tonight* – though when you keep reading, I ‘spose not quite a happy bonus.

Boy #9 ended things tonight


Apparently he met up with an old high school friend at the end of his vacation and he felt a connection he couldn’t get past, and wanted to be honest with me. He was very nice about it, and said he truly thought we were going somewhere but also (like me) believes that everything happens for a reason and God works in mysterious ways.

Way to use my words against me (insert slight smile here…), huh? I believe him, and appreciate the honesty since so many are not honest or just stop calling, never giving a reason.

I won’t lie, I am sad and let down. I liked him. I didn’t have feelings of love towards him, yet, thankfully, but I did really like him, and felt it was going somewhere, but I guess there’s something to be said for being guarded, in a sense too, huh? Maybe part of me didn’t let my guard down because I am afraid of getting hurt. I need to sleep on it, and revisit this post tomorrow…maybe I’ll add more, being more clear-headed than I feel right now.

And so it goes…onward, upward, it’s the year of ME, after all…right?