No, not *that* kind of passion 😉

When was the last time you felt passionate about something? REALLY passionate, so passionate that it drives you, that you feel it in every bone in your body, and it makes you feel alive more than ever?

I can’t remember the last time I was truly, 100% passionate about something to that level.

And I feel it now, and it’s an indescribable feeling!

What am I passionate about? Fitness. Really and truly, PASSIONATE. I look forward to it every day, I usually don’t miss a day, ever (unless I am sick), and sometimes I do it twice in one day (like today).

No, I don’t have an illness, I promise, but it is addicting, I’ll admit that (check out my sister’s blog to see that equal level of passion! Guess we’re related, huh?!) and I feel so much more centered and ready to take on the day when I work out. And adding Group Kick to that love of working out has truly brought that passion out like no other. I feel driven. I feel determined. I feel incredibly challenged.

But I LOVE it.

And I think it’s important to have something you are passionate about – not necessarily your “day” job, but something that is yours, that truly means something to you, and is always stretching you to the next level.

THAT is what working out does for me. And THAT is why I decided to take the leap into Group Kick. It’s hard, and scary, and trying, and tiring, but it’s giving me something to be passionate about, that a year ago, I NEVER thought I would do. It feels like a huge accomplishment to kick off 2010 taking this to the next level.

I know this is sort of a “stream of consciousness” post for today, but it just came to me like a wave while I was in my spin class today and I had to capture it. This – to me – is another way I am reshaping my life and who I am, and nothing can stop me. I AM DETERMINED.