The best thing about the early buddings of romance? Getting excited to see that person, getting the little “heart jump” when they call, or email, or text…getting to know each other, the first kiss, and the second, and beyond…all of those things make dating fun.

What doesn’t make dating fun?

When it ends.

No, duh, right?

The silence can feel deafening – no calls, texts, emails, dates.

Clearly, I won’t lie and say boy #9 was NOT on my mind this weekend, because he was. I had been looking forward to seeing him again after three weeks had passed. And though I have reached closure in knowing it’s over, a little part of me still has a little bit of that “let down” feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a fantastic weekend so far, complete with an SGNO (single girls night out, for those who don’t speak “me!”), lots of Group Kick training, and getting my life back in order after my mid-week jaunt to Chicago.  But I am also letting myself “feel” the end of the closest I’ve come to a potential relationship since the divorce was set in motion in October 2008 (wow, that sounds so FAR away, now that it’s 2010, doesn’t it?!).

I know it will happen for me, and I’ll recapture that uber-excitement to see that “special someone” again. I just hope it’s not in the far distance, because admittedly, being alone – while it has it’s fair share of perks – can get old sometimes. I miss love.