I was getting divorced.

Wow, 120 days flew a lot faster than I thought. I’m “officially” divorced (and can legally marry again – oh joy – insert sarcasm here hehe).

I wasn’t sure what emotions I would have now, compared to then, – if many – on this date (to be honest, I just realized it the other day. It wasn’t something that I was “counting down to” or anything like that) but I’m feeling a mixture of closure, a smidge of sadness, and a lot of optimism about the future.

Heck, a lot has even just happened in 120 days! Let’s recap, shall we?

I also feel like the last 120 days, I have really expanded on my blog “family,” following, and journey. I was interviewed for S SinceMyDivorce, I introduced some guest blogs from my sisters (here and here), and BDF, and I hit 20,000 hits on my blog. Amazing how many things can happen in 120 days, isn’t it?

I’m determined to dig my heels in deep, and just charge forward. Simply. Happily. Onward.


On a side note, I chatted with Pete on the 120 day “mark” last night. I went to his apartment for dinner. The first time I’ve seen his place, too, in a year (ironic?). It was a nice evening, he made me dinner, one of my favorite meals he used to make me, which was nice. Good conversation, and it was just nice to spend some time together (as friends). I felt a little nostalgic after, but more of a warm nolstalgia, glad we are where we are with each other. Truly the best I could have hoped as an outcome.