I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. As many of you know, I keep my blog (and associated Twitter feed) completely separate from the public “me” (Facebook, LinkedIn, “other” Twitter feed) because I feel this blog is much too private, personal and has nothing to do with my profession (so why mix the two) and I’d rather keep them separate.

However, part of me wonders why I make such an effort to keep them separate. I am so damn proud of this blog, and how it has grown in less than a year, my ever-growing blog “family” that offers some of the best, unique, dead-on insight and perspective that I value so much, and the words I somehow find a way to put on “paper” every single day.

So, why hide it?

At the same time, while I am very proud of it and how far I’ve come, as evidenced through my blog posts over the last almost-year, I prefer the privacy of it. It’s mine and for the most part, nobody that I don’t want to see it does, or knows how to access it (one of those people being Pete. There is nothing for me to hide on this blog “from” him per se, but as I’ve mentioned before, this is about me, not him, and I want to keep this mine and segregated).

So, though I hem and haw, I think I will keep it separate. I am Facebook “friends” with a few of you fine fellow bloggers but completely disassociated with this blog or theirs, for that matter. I like having those connections (and, if you are on Facebook, I’d love to be “friends!”), because we can keep in touch on the day to day, outside of this blog and nobody is the wiser who we “really” are (ha, I sound like we’re all FBI agents or something!).

What about you? Do any of you keep your blogs public as part of your professional or personal lives, generally? Did you go through a similar approach, in the beginning as me, and then decide to go broader? I guess there’s really no “right” answer here, I’m just curious how others have approached it.