I kicked some “righteous booty” tonight at practice! Taking the advice by ItNeverRainsinSeattle, plus a much-needed pep talk by my sister (her blog from today helped, too!) was just what I needed to get my mind in the game.

Practice started out really well. We all had a ton of energy and we brought it. Fast forward to track three (one of my sister’s tracks) and our fitness director sort of read her/us the riot act about making sure we are loud enough and it’s not loud as in shouting loud, but loud, from your diaphram, so they can hear you. She said you “just learn how” – which is so frustrating, because you just want to be told HOW to DO THAT. So, I was frustrated FOR her, because I could see it rattled her a bit. I think that I channeled that frustration for her (the protective sister in me! We all have it for each other – the “mama bear” complex or something!) and I did my track (which used to be my WORST track, and I could never get it) and at the end, our fitness director said I did awesome! I was floored, I thought I did okay, but thought she was going to say she couldn’t hear me either.

So, I am feeling better, I needed that boost tonight. We have a couple practices this week and then a “test” audience of staff members Friday night, a “preview” class with non-members on Sunday, and then the following Saturday (Feb 6), it’s go time!! We’re getting there. For the first time, I KNOW we can all do it, we can pull it out and kick some ass. We’re a great group. I feel so much better (thanks for everyone’s words of advice yesterday, it totally made my day).

Now, on to the chili I’ve been crockpotting all day (Pete’s actually coming by for dinner. Should be fun.). Yum.