Last night was our first “preview” class for Group Kick, where we used the class to teach some employees at the gym the full release to get their feedback and make sure our cuing was easy enough to follow. While there were only three people in the class besides the five of us instructors, it was a good “training wheels” exercise!

The result? We nailed it!

We each taught 2-3 tracks each (there are 10 total) and rotated being on the platform (two at a time) so one would cue, and the other would just do the track in tandem. It flowed well, we swapped out quickly with the mic and music, and we got our energy levels up. I was looking around the room during my tracks and just soaking it in – I‘m doing this, WOW, was what was running through my mind – and it was a great feeling!! The class felt like a blur, it flew by, and I was a sweating, drenched mess by the end, but it was a great feeling, almost surreal.

…now tomorrow’s “preview” is for non-members and members by invite-only (so we have a couple of friends joining the class, which will be awesome!) to see how we do in front of a packed room – at least 25 people are expected to show up! Eek!! But, now that we did last night’s preview, I feel better, having one under my belt, and I think we’ll all do great tomorrow.

It’s just still so hard to imagine that we’re here, at this point, after training in mid-December and working our asses off ever since. It’s been an amazing short-term journey and I’m excited to see where it leads me, and all of us. I feel like I’ve been in boot camp or as a child “sleep away camp” with these people (sister included, which is always a bonus!) and we’ve all jived really well and had a great time figuring it all out. Now, we’re ready to get on the real stage, step it up and show ’em what we got.

I think we’ll ‘kick some’ tomorrow and then, onward towards the launch next Saturday, where anyone can join and Group Kick is officially unveiled at my gym, and will be added to the weekly schedule. We’re almost to the finish line (yet so far, too, since we still have lots of work ahead of us, tightening up our form, refining our cuing, and adding more fun to it, before we do our video assessments in mid-March to get officially certified), and this is by far, one of the best decisions I’ve made – going for it, even though it’s scared the bejesus out of me almost daily 😉