So, it’s February 1st and I’ve realized something. Part of the reason I’ve felt stagnant lately in ways.

It’s what I am calling “severe onset winter blahs.”

It’s too cold to really DO a lot, plain and simple. It’s that time of year where there aren’t any holidays, or vacations (yet…though I am close to booking a trip, I just need some vitamin D, warmth and relaxation!!) or daylight, for that matter, and it’s just so easy to get into the routine of work, workout, home, curl up on the couch and sleep. Repeat.

Contrast that with any other season and there is much more flexibility – to enjoy the weather, to sit outside during dinner, or take a walk, and enjoy. This is that time of year where I really just need to work extra hard at being social, getting out, and not letting the cold air turn me into a hermit. It’s hard to do, but I think I am finding it even harder to do being single, and WANTING to “mingle” so to speak. I get frustrated by the weather, and limited options to be out and about, combined with having less energy (which, okay, this winter has a lot to do with Group Kick taking the place of dating or having much of a social life these days – but I’m not complaining because I love it!) and in steps severe onset winter blahs 😉

So, this is my pledge – to try a little harder, to keep up the social life, and realize that though it’s February and we still have a ways to go for winter here in chilly Boston, the days are getting longer (as I write this at 5:07 pm, it’s still light out! That’s HUGE!), the days will get warmer, and I have a lot to look forward to, in the meantime.

Only attittude to have right now is a good one, right? Why succumb to the blahs?