As I am realizing I am coming up on my one-year blog anniversary (2/21/09), three things came to mind – one, WOW, I am almost at 30,000 hits in just under a year of blogging, two – my life feels so rich with my blog family, which complements my real family so well, and it grows by the week, which is even more amazing and three – there is so much more to the story of where it began than I shared when I first started blogging.

So, with that in mind, I am going to do a series of posts over the next week or so (either daily, or, interspersed with other posts – depending on what other fun things I opt to blog about šŸ˜‰ ) on some of the things I didn’t get into on my blog in the beginning, and some of the things that happened between October 08 (when we broke up) and Feb 09 (when I started my blog), because the full story actually isn’t here in full, and I want to chronicle it. I chalk it up to my earlier days blogging…the posts were shorter, weren’t as in-depth and when I re-read them, I actually don’t connect to the posts nearly as much as I do now.

And, if there are things you feel you don’t know about my story so far, please feel free to comment, request, discuss, etc., I’d love to hear what you think as I round the bend towards year two of To Be Determined (for example, I’m really enjoying reading the backstory of According to Me – back to her first days being divorced etc., flashing back to those times). So, stay tuned, I’m going to start these posts tomorrow, and I’m actually looking forward to sharing some more of the backstory for you, but also for me. Knowing some of the posts I have in mind already, I’m seeing things in my past that I never quite put my finger on, that speak volumes now. Funny how powerful hindsight is, isn’t it?


On a side note, I was chatting with Diary of a Divorced Guy last night on gmail, randomly (funny, as I just chatted with INRIS last week on gmail, as well. Fun to chat with my blog peeps! lol) and he asked what I’d like him to post about and them bam – check out his post – too funny, and I blushingly appreciate the oh-so-complimentary shout-out. It gave me a smile, and made me giggle. Hey, coming from a girl that is horrible at taking compliments, the fact that I am pointing it out, is huge for me šŸ˜‰


On a second side note, and against my better judgement, in hindsight, I took a peek at boy #9 on Facebook and lo and behold he’s now “in a relationship” with who I can only imagine is the girl he had the “chance” run-in with just after the holidays, when he ended things. I of course clicked on her picture, and she doesn’t have much set for privacy (silly girl..!), so I could look at some of her pics, and well, she looks like she could be his brother! Very similar looking, in a way, and sorta average, not gorgeous, but cute, sporty-ish, maybe? I was a little bummed, which is silly, because it’s obviously in my past, but at the same time, felt good in knowing that I guess he was legit with what he said (though I did believe him then, so that really hasn’t changed) and then, tiny satisfaction that she wasn’t TOO good looking….ok that’s catty, but come on, I deserve to allow myself just a smidge of that, right??