…a fun idea Nicki over at Suddenly Single Journey and I started cooking up this weekend!

Here’s an excerpt from her post:

Okay.  Here it is.  And actually, if it all comes off as we hope…it is a really great thing to be happy about.

Jolene and I were talking about a blog family vacation.  That’s right.  We want to get together in person.  See, the camera doesn’t do me justice.  I’m much thinner prettier younger better in person.  Right.  So, we’d like input.  If you want to join us on vacation in August, let your voice be heard.  Once we know who’s committed, we’ll get specific with location, date, length of stay, etc.  I, personally, am rooting for a nice beach location…or a place with a Margaritaville or a place I can drink margaritas or…who am I kidding?  I’ll pack my own on vacation.  Let’s get working on this.  Six months.  Plenty of time to scrimp and save for some quality time with your blog buddies.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

Doesn’t that sound like fun? We have six months to plan, figure out who can make it, where we want to try and meet up, and book it! We all have so much in common, one way or another, that we’d clearly get along great, and have a blast at the same time. I know I have talked with INRIS, Snarkbutt Divorced and others about this as well, in recent months, and i think we can get a great sampling of our “blog family” together, don’t you? Who’s in?!


On another note, Group Kick launched this weekend at my gym, and it was phenomenal!!! What a rush, and we all did fantastic. My sister posted a great blog and some pics of us looking “badass” so check that out, if you’re interested. I’ve also posted a pic of us below – BEFORE we got sweaty and unrecognizable 😉 Hint – I’m on the right.

It was just so great to see all of us, kicking it hard all lined up across the stage and flanking either side, and the room was just alive with energy. Some folks from the gym (the GM, owner, and a few other instructors) watched from the sidelines, and cheered us on, and after class, everyone was buzzing about it, and congratulating us. It’s been 8 weeks of hard, intense work, but we’re rounding the bend, and it’s starting to feel more fun and more natural. Kick some!!