Simply stated for Quote Friday today –

“I made it.”

Today’s quote is inspired by the Kevin Rudolf song “I Made It” that I’ve been digging lately, and though all of the lyrics aren’t exactly in line with where I feel my life is (since clearly, I’m not a celebrity who’s made it!), but a certain line in this song totally inspires me, given my week-long series of where it began.

I look up to the sky
and know the World is mine
Ive known it all my life
I made it, I made it!
I used to dream about, the life I’m living now
I know that theres no doubt.
I made it, I made it!

Damn straight. I’ve made it…I’ve come a long, long way since that day in October 2008, and in rehashing where it began, and all of the pain, fear, and absolute crushing sadness, and am where I want to be in life, right now. I want to drink it in, and at the same time, realize that life still has so much in store for me, and it’s my self-professed duty not to get stagnant or reticent, but to keep pushing forward, growing, learning, challenging and conquering.

I know I’ve recapped my year and all that I feel I’ve conquered and overcome a few times, probably many, but I guess I just feel it’s such a huge time in my life, and I’m really proud of where I am now, that it’s hard *not* to talk about it, and in another way, I want to give those that are going through the pain of divorce hope that they will come out stronger on the other side, no doubt, it just happens.

If you believe, it happens.

If you trust, it happens.

If you are committed, it happens.

You’ll make it. I made it, and I never thought it’d be possible.

And now, I’m looking forward. To more personal triumphs – physically and emotionally. It’s been an amazing week, for example…I experienced the Group Kick launch and kicked ass – we all did – and I look forward to continuing to improve, and ace my certification in March. I look forward to running a half-marathon this fall. And I look forward to finding love. I know it’s out there. And the only way to find it, is to have faith it will happen, and to keep your eyes peeled.

I made it. And there’s more to come. Bring it.