I’ve been exploring some new blog finds that I thought I’d share with you all on this fine Saturday afternoon. Some of these I’ve found through some of my blog “family” and some have found me. I’m just digging into them little by little, but thought those who aren’t aware of some of these, might be interested (and who doesn’t love a blog shout-out, am I right?!)

Some new goodies:

  • Leap and the Net will Appear: I found this one through SinceMyDivorce, I believe, when I began reading her journey as recapped by Mandy. I was riveted by her story, and I have been reading her posts each day. Check her out, if you haven’t already.
  • Journey to Self: This is a wonderful, new blog for me. I think she may have found my blog, which is how I came across hers, but she is just scratching the surface of her journey towards divorce. Reading her posts bring me right back to those moments when I was struggling with moving forward, and I look forward to continue reading her story. She’s strong, I know she has it in her.
  • Pippi: Pippi is awesome. I found her through Nicki, and love her feedback and reading her posts. Definitely worth adding to your blogroll (and seriously, the cutest blog format, total blog envy!
  • I’m gonna break your heart: I found this one through Diary of a Divorced Guy, I believe, and really like her style of writing. And, incidentally, she got divorced on my birthday. Strange coincidence.
  • Memoirs of a Single Mom: This is another great single mom blog that I am loving right now. She’s sort of in a similar phase as me (minus the children part, of course, for me!) in wanting a relationship, but knowing maybe that needs to hold off for awhile..and be okay with that. Still digging into this one.
  • Big City Dad: He recently commented on my blog series from last week, and now I’m starting to dig into his blog some more. Not sure why I haven’t come across his before, but looking forward to catching up.
  • Removing the Ring: She found me, on Twitter, I think, and I’m psyched to start reading hers, especially as she’s from around my neck of the woods – finally, someone nearby! 🙂
  • According to Me: I found this one through INRIS, I believe, and I may have mentioned this one in a past post, but I identify with what she’s going through, the milestones she’s reached lately, so it’s worth mentioning, either way!

Phew, quite the handful of blogs I’ve foraged away on this draft post I’ve saved up for a few weeks. Take a read – as I will continue to do…I am looking forward to sharing and learning and laughing (hopefully!) with everyone. Welcome to the fam 😉


On another unrelated note – had another fantastic Group Kick class today, with 45 people! The best part? We finally got our Group Kick t-shirts, add the piece de resistance to “the look” – three of us (my sister, and Jacqui) even sported cute camo bandanas. I wish I had my camera, because, not gonna lie, we looked super cute!! 😉 hey,it’s the little things, right??