Soooo, date #1 with boy #11 (I guess I could “start over” at 1, given the whole dating hiatus thing, but since it was sort of a very brief hiatus, I’ll stick with the number system for now!) – from commenced today!

And, as promised, a quick recap. We met around 1 at Fanueil Hall in Boston for a walk (it was relatively mild, low 40s, but pretty windy at times…let’s just say I was rockin the “tousled look” much of the time!) with his two dogs (maltese I think? VERY cute, very sweet, sisters, well-behaved, I liked them, and I’m not really a dog person). Conversation was good, flowed well, a good sign, in my book. He is very attractive, in my book, and didn’t “look” 41, but closer to 35 (again, not that 41, or 42, or 46 really has a “look” but he just looked like a guy and I’m more of a “guy” girl than a “man” girl – if that makes any sense…I’ll do a post on that later, because it probably bears explaining!). Very nice blue eyes – my sister refers to him as Captain Blue Eyes (CBE??) – pretty chiseled face, fit, tall (6 ft).

After we walked with his dogs, he dropped them in the car, cracked a window (apparently they are content in the car!) and we walked back and went to Cheers (not the “real” one, the knock-off Cheers in Fanueil Hall – for inquiring minds!) for what turned into two glasses of wine, and eventually dinner. We had a lot of laughs, we never really had any dull moments, there was chemistry, I think, as he was getting a bit closer and closer to me, which I welcomed…after dinner, we left there, walked his dogs a bit more and called it a night – pretty long date, since it ended around 9 (when I was thinking it might end around 5 or 6 at most, as an “afternoon-esque” date?). He walked me to where I parked, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and that was that (he held my hand a bit on our second walk, which was also welcomed).

Other tidbits I found out – he has two step-daughters (his ex had children from a previous relationship, both girls, in their late teens), his parents have both passed away (he’s the youngest of 6 so I can imagine they were probably pretty elderly), and his sisters and brothers are spread between New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Seattle, and Long Island.

…and he has really pretty blue eyes πŸ˜‰ (I’m glad I went for it, even though his age threw me off a little at first – thanks to all of your support and cheers to go for it!).

So, there’s a quick recap – I’d give it a solid B+ (would have given it closer to an A- if it wasn’t so windy!) and a hope for a second date. Stay tuned