I love my blog family. They’re wonderful. They’re growing. I’m learning. I’m laughing. I’m loving it all.

And sometimes it makes me wonder…was my divorce *that* bad? Compared to some of my blog friends (and “real life” friends too), my divorce really doesn’t compare in terms of complexity, anger/bitterness, or post-divorce “enemies” (with the ex).

Not to minimize what I went through, and what I still learn from, deal with, cope with, and wonder “what if” about, but I guess I’m just feeling fortunate that it wasn’t nearly as worse as it could have been, and I can chalk that up partially to perspective – in seeing the issues some of my friends are/have gone through in their own divorces.

I was having a quippy (is that even a word?) back and forth with Diary of a Divorced Guy the other night, and as we were chatting, I was going through his earliest blog posts (which I had honestly never read before, since when I “met” him soon after I started my blog last year, his divorce was just becoming final) and the sheer agony and anger and pain that came through was unlike anything I had experienced, and in a way, it make me feel fortunate that my own situation wasn’t quite that difficult, but it also made me realize how far HE has come in his journey – as evidenced by many other blog friends (T, Nicki, Snark, etc) as well.

Today’s a great example of how far Pete and I have come. This morning, I was sitting in traffic and looked down at my GPS, and BAM, rear-ended the car in front of me. Shaken, but fine (car too, for the most part, mine, and the driver in front of me – phew!), I called my mom (no answer) and my sister (she calmed me), and then I called Pete. It just felt like he was someone I wanted to hear from…and he also made me feel calm. It felt nice, and I really appreciated it. Later in the day, we met up to go get our taxes started (our last joint filing), and that too, just felt normal, and good, and I feel proud of where we are, and how it continues. I know I say it a lot, but I am, and it’s only because we both put the effort in to make it work as friends.

And, when I get questions like what Diary of a Divorced Guy (DoaDD? lol) asked – “how can you be friends with someone that turned your love away?” my only response is, because we are better off as friends, and he made the decision I don’t think I ever would have seen or ever could.

And that seems simple, or maybe even a cop-out, but it’s the truth. I feel fortunate, content, happy. It’s right.