Happy Quote Friday everyone!

For this week, I thought the theme of taking risk and being daring was a good one, in part because of my “leap slowly” towards CBE, and partially because I am evaluating certain aspects of my life (some of which I will elaborate on in a further post) that I want to refresh and liven up, and sometimes daring to do the things that scare us ultimately gets us to the place we want – and need – to be.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”

My first instinct, as I’ve noted, when I’m caught in an uncomfortable, or “new” or out of my comfort zone territory, is to run. It’s an extremely strong, deep-seated reaction that I time and time again have to force myself to rally against. I’ve gone on in my life in too many areas in the past hiding behind comfort and my goal this year is to truly get out of my own shadow in that regard…both in terms of my social life (going to a movie alone – never done that, too scary…same with dinner alone, or a vacation alone, for example) love life (CBE, enough said?), and professional life. I need to continue to grow in these areas, and I want to continue to grow in these areas.

Because when I do “take the dare,” I almost always feel enlivened, rejuvinated, happy, and completely satisfied with my decision.

So why not? Why hide behind the shadow of status quo?

I think it’s just easier for anyone to do that, and to sit back and do what feels natural, even if what feels natural may not be the best path to take, because in the long run, it does make life harder. Less fun, less learning, less growth.

And, as many of my quotes are, this one feels pretty universal to anyone – not only divorced, not only single parents, not only single men/women in general, but everyone.

Take the dare.

I dare you.