is tonight. Ha- ha, made ya look 😉

I’m honestly not sure what we are doing yet – Mr. Spontaneous hasn’t yet decided (I suggested a few options, and he’s mulling them over, apparently) – but I’m looking forward to it, and will update this post later on tonight or tomorrow morning (I know, what a tease, right?)

In other news…tomorrow’s my one year blogoversary! Stay tuned for a fun post on that, and more on date #2 with CBE later. Happy Saturday!


Okay, the “review” of date #2 – here goes.

Well, I got home at 3 am, if that’s any indication! It was a really good night, to say the least. We ended up going to see Shutter Island, even though I was a little apprehensive because I’m a self-professed wuss when it comes to scary movies (even if it isn’t “scary” by most people’s standards, it’s usually scary to me!), but it was actually not too scary and pretty good, but just VERY long. We had a late dinner, and then had a drink afterwards. He had parked across the parking lot from where I was, so he drove me to my car, and well, let’s just say we proved the “chemistry” part of “ correct 😉

So, backing up a little, we had really good conversation, he’s pretty funny, and he laughs at my jokes and dry humor too, so I guess I’m funny too, huh? 😉 He’s polite in the “door opening” sort of way (chivalry isn’t dead!), he’s smart, and he has a pretty good sense of the right touch – as in, a light touch at the lower back walking out of a room, or when I’d get up to use the ladies room, a light squeeze of the shoulder. Nice. I love that stuff, I’m not sure why, I just think it shows a good initial connection, an indicator that there’s a knack for romance in his style (in the future, maybe??), and I don’t know how else to explain it beyond that (and perhaps a little electricity in a touch is a good sign, too!).

So, it was a very good night – even better than I thought. And those eyes…damn, he puts the “blue” in captain blue eyes. Just sayin.