I know it’s just shy of three months into the new year, but on my drive home today, I began to think of some of my resolutions for the year, and if I’m staying true to my word on any of them yet.

Which one jumped right out at me?

Continue being uncomfortable. Um, hello, CBE and “out of my comfort zone” – how weird is that?! Now that I’ve gone on a couple of dates with him, though, and talked to him quite a bit on the phone and over email, I’m realizing that it is already feeling less and less “unchartered” and more and more an interesting part of my journey that I’m excited to see where it lands me. He’s very thoughtful, has a politeness/chivalry to him (not “old fashioned” really, just a stand-up kind of guy, so far, anyway) and well, attentive.

This is probably the first time I haven’t felt like I’ve had to drive things forward as in dates past. It feels pretty balanced, and I dig that. I know where I stand as well, which is something that has frustrated me with other dating excursions, and maybe that’s a maturity thing, or just his (and my) ability and wish to be upfront and honest. It’s refreshing. So, while it is still feeling somewhat “out of my comfort zone” – it is feeling more and more comfortable. If that makes any sense?

In re-reading my resolutions, I also realized that there is one resolution I didn’t add, but typically add it each year, because I just can’t get past it. What is it? Taking a compliment!

I’m horrible at it. I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually can’t believe I didn’t make it a resolution this year. I bring this up because I’ve fallen into the same bad habit of brushing off some pretty nice compliments this week and got so annoyed with myself afterwards.

For example, my hairdresser said I looked skinny and “great” this weekend – that made my DAY, it really did. But what did I say? I sort of thanked her, but waved my arm, like “who, me? Nah!” I don’t know that I’ve actually lost weight, but with all of the working out I have been doing lately, in addition to Group Kick class and practice, I do feel like I’m gaining tone and muscle, but still, regardless, I should have just been gracious, thanked her, and let it “make my day.”

Why is it so hard to just take them in?! Maybe it’s a woman thing.

And CBE. He’s just complimentary all over the place and what do I do? Sort of blush and smile, but don’t really say much…maybe I say thank you, I don’t even remember, because I tend to brush it off so fast (silly!)! This happened with boy #9 too, and I guess I’m just not used to it, but it is something I still have trouble with, it’s a terribly bad habit and in a way, I bet it can come across as ungracious or standoffish, which is exactly the opposite of what I want!

So, I guess I’m adding that BACK to my resolutions list. And I need to get cracking on these – man – I have to get back into running to do that half marathon (1-2 times a week at most ain’t cutting it!), the vacation alone is calling my name, as is really updating my blog and getting my own domain going, among the rest on the list. I know, it’s only February, but I’m totally serious about reaching all of these goals this year.

So, maybe call me an overachiever. It’s who I am ๐Ÿ˜‰