This thought came to me on my drive home today. As I enter year two of To Be Determined, I’d love to add a few guest bloggers here and there, if anyone is interested.

What am I curious about, in terms of topics?

Well, I think the sky’s the limit, really, but I’d love to see some thoughts on what blogs inspire you in your (and/or our) blog “family” or community, what are some of your a-ha moments from being part of such a fabulous group of bloggers. Also love to hear your thoughts on “where to go from here” as a theme and this can also be anything…from “where to go from here” post-divorce, to “where to go from here” diving into your first relationship post-divorce, to “where to go from here” in life. I know, it’s wishy-washy, and if nobody’s interested, hey, that’s fine, I just thought I’d ask around and see if anyone’s interested. And, of course, if anyone wants to write something as it relates specifically to advice you’d give me as I trot along on my journey, I’m always open to that too, I drink this stuff in, you know that by now!


And…I know we have a potential blog “family reunion” to plan/organize for the fall timeframe, but I’ve been toying with Bloggers in Sin City (and after seeing According to Me’s note about needing a roomie, it made me even more tempted!). Anyone else thinking about or planning on going? It looks like an awesome time, and hey, Vegas in May sounds pretty fabulous to me for some fun in the sun (can you tell I’m totally vitamin D-deprived and am craving any sort of warmth, tan, and vacation?!) so I thought I’d toss it out there. Come on…you know you want to…!