And not always in a bad way šŸ˜‰

I’ve been *extremely* frustrated with Group Kick over the past week or so, as our fitness director (let’s call her Kimmy) has been pretty MIA and as my sister recapped in a blog post, last Saturday’s class was supremely frustrating as our director pretty much pointed out our mistakes as we were teaching (bad form, IMHO!), and never actually gave us feedback afterwards.

And, in all honestly, it was frustrating because we both feel we know what we are doing, our form is good, and we’re just fine-tuning some pre-cuing and such.

…and then we practiced this morning with a few of the other instructors, and man, what a reality check that was!

The things Kimmy pointed out – “wingy” hooks, weak kicks, etc. – uhh, were dead on.

It was as if before that, anytime Kimmy gave us feedback, I reverted back to sitting in high school, where the teacher is staring at you, giving you constructive criticism, and you look at them and think, “who, me?!” – when uh, it IS you they are talking about.

So, the reality check of that was a huge eye-opener and felt like a bit of a bitch-slap because I am not fond of admitting when I am wrong, but in this case, I am wrong. My form does need work. I need to let go of the frustration and just work on fine-tuning those areas that I thought were good, and make them good, make them better than good, and make them great.

Because, as my sister always says – “we got this!”

I just need to remember that, and know that while reality can be a bitch sometimes, sometimes we need that to actually change, to improve, and grow.

This is me – admitting I am wrong, and looking forward to improving, and totally kicking ass for our video assessment that is looming in just a few more weeks (or a month, max!).

Hey, if I can get through divorce, I can get through Kick, right?! šŸ™‚