It’s been sort of an up and down week for me.

I’ve been ridiculously tired (not really sure why!), and have had my share of frustrations with Group Kick this week (but feel better after my reality bitch-slap!), and the weather here in New England has been borderline monsoon (thankfully, no snow!) – and on top of that, I’ve been up to my Overthinking Ollie ways a bit in terms of CBE, so I thought today’s quote Friday was quite appropriate:

“Maybe all we can hope to do is end up with the right regrets.”

Tackling Group Kick first – at times in the past couple of weeks, I have questioned whether the stress and intensity of this particular journey has been worth the effort, partially because of this over-tiredness – and then I realize that I am completely going against everything I write about in my blog and everything I stand for – taking chances and the leap of faith that whatever decisions I make, ultimately shape who I am and make me a better person.Β  And then, this posted to my “fitness idol” Cathe’s web site and that passion and fire came flooding back (my sis has a fab post that expands on this more, and a lot of my thoughts exactly!)…NO REGRETS, if I make it, I make it, and if I don’t,Β  at least I went for it and tackled something completely and utterly outside of my comfort zone, right?

Next – CBE. I plan to post a few more thoughts on “knowing when you know it’s ‘right'” this weekend, but after my posts on CBE this week, and the feedback I’ve heard from you all (and from my “real life” friends and family), I’m still staying on the optimistic route of this – there is huge potential, as far as I am concerned, this feels much more real than anyone else I have dated so far, and if I didn’t keep exploring it, I would most definitely regret it. So, I’m going for it…and you can’t stop me πŸ˜‰

And generally, I just really, really, really love this quote. It so simply states what I stand behind and what I try to strive for on a daily basis, and what I try to inspire and help others do as well – LIVE your life, because the worst feeling in the world, to me, is regret. It’s an awful emotion, and one that is not easily escapable. So, you take chances and risks that maybe push you out of your comfort zone – so what? No harm in that. More harm in not accepting the challenge and always wondering “what if?” and regretting taking the challenge that was handed to you.

So, on that note, happy Friday everyone! I’m heading into what I’m hoping is a fabulous weekend. Cheers!