That was quite the date.

27 hours of it, in fact!

Yep, you read that right. I just had a 27 hour date with CBE and I’m calling it date #3 (4 and 5-ish) since it was 1) so long and 2) three meals long (so, theoretically, that could be three dates, right?!). Not that the number of dates really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things, but still πŸ˜‰

It was a wonderful time, and I’m pleasantly surprised! Not that I was going into this date with doubts, necessarily, but like I said in my last few posts on CBE, I just wasn’t sure where it was going. Do I now?

I think I like him.

A lot.

We just meshed really well, we laughed a LOT, it felt natural, and there was always a good flow of conversation. We talked about a lot of things. From our past relationships, to dating lives (his last date was last March, actually, and his last relationship was two years ago), to funny stories from childhood, to vacations we’ve taken (and would still like to take). We talked about each other, what we liked – mentally and physically – and our feelings so far, for each other. It’s a mutual “like” and I like knowing where I stand and knowing that I can be upfront with him where I stand and how I feel too. I don’t feel pressure to jump into anything serious, and I like that we are taking the pace at the same uh, pace, and it feels like the potential is brewing ever so steadily.

And of course, the chemistry continues to be there. He’s quite…attentive? I think that’s a good way of putting it, because he’s just very in touch with making a woman feel wanted and attractive and appreciated. I really like that. He’s not like anyone I have ever dated or had a relationship with in the past. Polar opposite in many ways, physically and personality-wise, but I’m digging it (and damn, those blue eyes are pretty piercing!). And, I may, just may admitted that my sister dubbed him Captain Blue Eyes….to which he blushed, literally, from head to toe. That was one of a few priceless moments of the night.

So, there you have it. While I don’t “know” yet for sure if this is going to flourish into something long-term yet, that’s okay. For now, it feels like it’s on a good, healthy path. From here? Who knows for sure (except that date #4/5/6ish depending on how you count it, is already in the works). And that’s okay with me.