I’ve come across quite a few more fantastic blogs to follow so I figure it was worth sharing these with you as you may also be interested in following them (even though I just posted a new list of fun bloggy finds a few weeks ago!)

  • Improvised Life: Livvy is just starting her journey, and so far, she’s blown me away. She’s a beautiful writer, she’s strong, she’s capable. She’s got this.
  • My Life, Incomplete: Love this blog! Another find from SinceMyDivorce, and not only do I have total blog envy because hers is so amazingly pulled together, but she’s also now beginning to writer professionally, which is such an inspiration!
  • Blogging Shannon: Shannon is a divorced, single mom and she’s recently begun blogging. I’m just digging in, but join her journey with me, will ya?
  • Single Gal in the City: She’s just fun! I’m enjoying reading about her dating adventures, especially as I continue my own foray into dating.
  • I hate the way you eat cereal: First of all, fantastic blog title, isn’t it?! And second, this has some hilarious dating shenanigans. Just a fun one for us daters, mostly!
  • When did I become a grown-up? I think I found this one through INRIS, and so far, I am already relating to here posts, especially on determining if dating is the “right” thing to do right, and when, and how. Take a peek.

So, check these out, there’s some goldmines in here! I’ve also segmented my “main” blogroll (mostly divorced bloggers) and two additional lists – one on dating and another on life etc (this is my “potpourri” grouping – anything from friends and sisters’ blogs and workout/healthy-ish blogs). Take a gander, if you haven’t noticed (I’ve added a handful of others under life, etc. that are way great reads as well!).


On another blogging note – thank you Nicki for the beautiful blogger award!! You’re the best. I’ve done this once before, but it’s been quite awhile, so I’ll plan to share my list soon too – stay tuned.