to a few of my favorites!

Nicki nominated me for this award, and I’m so touched! She has a huge following and for her to pick *me* was such a compliment. Thank you, Nicki!

I’ve gotten this award once before, but not in quite a long while, so I’m excited to do this again, even though I have seen quite a few recently from fellow bloggers. I just think it’s a fun one to do, and spreads the blog love around a little bit.  And, as always, the award states I must bestow this award on five well-deserving bloggers and list out 5-7 things that no one knows about me (this ought to be tough – I used up all my unknowns in the last round!).

Here goes:

  • I’m petrified of throwing up. If I can avoid it in any way, shape, or form, I will. I’ve passed out because I was so focused on NOT throwing up. I’ve never thrown up from a hangover for that very reason (I’ve been hungover but will go to extreme lengths to wait out any naseau and NOT throw up!)
  • I’ve never *really* been out of the country – Aruba? Bahamas? Canada? please. Those don’t “really” count, do they?! Seriously.
  • I live in New England, but have never been to Vermont. And, until last September, I’d never been to Cape Cod either. As a life-long resident of Massachusetts, I personally just find that odd, but maybe that’s just me 😉
  • I’m lactose intolerant and as a huge cheese- and ice cream-lover, this makes me a “tortured soul” because I swear if I could, I’d eat it all day long (thank goodness for Lactaid, though I try not to “abuse” it!)
  • I was thisclose to getting on “What Not To Wear” – and no, not because my wardrobe sucks, but because they were casting triplets in Boston. Jess nominated us and we almost made it on, but at the last minute, producers went in another direction…and let me just tell you, those girls were b-oring…we would have totally stole the show (but I’m not bitter at losing out on a $5K wardrobe and being famous…)

And the awards go to (wow, hard not to pick ones I picked last time! I love you guys!!):

  • Suddenly Single Journey (and no, NOT because you picked me! Your blog is almost always one of the first I read first-thing!)
  • It Never Rains in Seattle. Dude, you’re awesome, you can write “like whoa” (sorry, that’s my throwback way of saying you can WRITE, man!!), you’re inspiring, you’ve got sage advice, and you’ve got an amazing road ahead of you.
  • Student Mama: I came across your blog juuust as you were starting out, and wow, you’ve come so far already and have so so so much more ahead of you.
  • Musings of the ‘lil Devil Mama: I relate to so much of what you write, especially on this wild thing we call dating. You rock.
  • Big Little Wolf’s Daily Plate of Crazy: Your blogs have so many layers to them, they’re always insightful yet have a playfulness to them, and I can almost always relate to at least one thing you say in every post.
  • Improvised Life: Livvy is a new blogger I follow, but I am already SO ingrained in her posts. And, you’re a great writer, too.
  • According to Me: Shannon is awesome – love the mixture of honesty, fun, playfulness and seriousness all rolled into one.  And she’s just fun.

Okay, I have some honorable mentions – these blogs also rock! Sunshine on my Shoulder, I’m Gonna Break your Heart, Pippi, and Leap and the Net Will Appear. Okay, maybe I cheated and added more, but I can’t help it 😉 I love the blog love!!


Speaking of blog love – the outpouring of comments and support over date#5/6/7 with CBE was awesome – thank you so much…and more on CBE later 😉