A recent blog post from INRIS sparked today’s post – around long-term goals.

One of mine?

Let go of routine. Just a little bit.

Why is that so hard to do for me? I’ve written about this before (here and here), but more in the context of dating, and today, I’m focusing more on routine, generally, in my life. I have a lot of trouble with letting go of my routine – I am SO much more rigid than I really thought I was, but I absolutely am, and in a way, it impedes me from throwing caution to the wind and just doing something different.

And that could be as simple as aiming to be at work just “on time” and not early. For example, I get up at 5:15 am or so every day (sometimes a little earlier if I go to a class at my gym that starts at 5:15) and work out until 6:30 or 6:45 (or, if my class is at 6 am, I am done at 7 am), make myself a cup of coffee (my “pre-game” to my venti Starbucks on the way to work – oh yes, it’s the little joys in life!) and jump in the shower promptly at 7. I aim to be out of the house by 7:45 (preferably, 7:40) and get to work anytime between 8:15 and 8:30, typically, depending on traffic.

But I don’t need to be at work until 9.

So, why so early?

Sometimes, it’s easier to get there early, get myself settled, while it’s still quiet, check my email and blog comments (of course), but sometimes why not just shoot to get to work at 9? I simply cannot do it. I literally stress myself out if I leave past 8 am – even if I “try” to leave later.

It’s my routine and it balances me, in a sense, but in another, it keeps me too rigid sometimes and I want to free myself of that line of thinking just a little bit.

That’s just a simplistic example, but it begs a larger question for me – why is it so hard to let go of routine and be a little more spontaneous – and not so scheduled and well, uptight? I literally do the same thing every single day and I think it’s starting to add to my fear of becoming stagnant.

So, my goal in the next couple of months? Switch it up a little – leave for work at 8:30 (wow, that one’s gonna be tough!), go out “just because” on a Tuesday night (one of my good friends suggested that tonight, and granted, I’m beat, but I’m sure I would have perked up if we did go out), or skip a workout once in awhile and sleep in during the week (in my defense – my cats practically won’t allow it, and wake me up anyway, but this is one I know I need to “try” to accomplish). It doesn’t have to be so routine (especially during the week), the weather’s getting nicer (hopefully no more snow to worry about), the days are getting longer and I need to let go of routine and just do, act, have fun.

To some, routine is boring. To me, it’s ME, it’s organization, it’s what I know. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a whole other way of living life out there that’s a little less structured. So, I’m gonna give it a go…who’s with me? Any type A’ers in the house?!