Introduce a boy to anyone in my family or among my friends.

And before you think I’m rushing or jumping ahead, or jumping to conclusions (for that matter!), I don’t necessarily mean now, or all at once, whenever that day does perhaps come (like how many caveats were in that there statement?!).

I just mean…well, I think CBE is the first guy I’ve actually felt has the potential for that to possibly warrant (again with the caveats – ha – I sound like such a committment-phobe!) meeting anyone close to me.

And, I’m not gonna lie, it’s scary and exciting all at once, and also comes with my own fair share of doubts and fears.

Am I jumping ahead?

Am I jinxing it?

Am I rushing?

Is this what I want?

My answer to those questions? yes, hope not, don’t think so, and yes.

Wow, I just wrote yes to that last question – that was sort of a stream of consciousness exercise for me, wasn’t it? I’m talking to myself in my blog, aren’t I? Clearly this is helping me realize what is going on in my head, and I’m obviously up to my overthinking ways, somewhat for good reason and somewhat because well, it’s just how I am (live with it!).

I guess I’m starting to come to this conclusion for a few reasons – the biggest being that I really do like him, and as I noted in my last blog recapping our date (hyperlinked above), it’s starting to feel different, beyond just attraction and chemistry. Other reasons? We’ve been seeing each other weekly for almost a month, and we’ve been actually planning ahead, which says to me, that things are getting a little more consistent and steady.

We’re going to Restaurant Week in Boston in a couple of weeks, and we’re going to see one of my absolute favorite comedians in April (Bob Marley – the funniest New England-based comedian e-VER!), and at the end of April? CBE scored tickets to George Lopez, which should also be a blast (and, he scored tix to both shows with his brother and sister in-law as well – so that also signals something to me!).

So, I ‘spose it warrants doing something I haven’t done since oh, 1999?!

We’ll see…when that happens, how it happens, and reactions to that happening – stay tuned (but I guarantee it won’t be for at least a few more weeks, at least, in my opinion).

Ack. (that’s a good ack, if you’re wondering).