So, yeah, this weekend? Pretty much rocked my socks off…I just got home a little while ago from a wonderful night with CBE, one that is somewhat hard for me to put into words, because, well, it just seemed to “fit” so well – us, our personalities, our moods, everything.

(disclaimer: I’m a little giddy tonight, so if I ramble, you know why.)

I went to his place, about an hour away from mine, yesterday, late afternoon-ish. He has a really nice townhouse, well kept, with just “enough” “guy” clutter around – nothing major, and very clean, otherwise, which I like (clean as a pin strikes me as weird, for a guy, a little bit, so the little bit of clutter looked “normal” to me, despite my “neat as a pin” place of my own!). I brought over a bottle of wine from my favorite Sonoma winery (Fieldstone), and we had a taste of that, and then went out to a casual dinner (and then, I had to purchase a white bra, as I packed only dark colored ones and uh, only light colored tops! He had no qualms about a quick run into Victoria’s Secret, of course!). We went back to his place and watched “Office Space” – my all-time favorite movie that he had NEVER seen before (oddly), and we enjoyed some more of the Fieldstone. It was cozy, it was quiet, and it was nice to just cuddle and enjoy some laughs….the rest of the evening? Well, that’s again up to your imagination, but I will say, it was utter perfection – take that detail however you please πŸ˜‰

This morning, we woke up late (daylight savings time and all…ha) and lazed around for awhile. Went to a late breakfast at a nearby country club that was delish! And, on the way back to his place, we strolled through Lowe’s so I could take a peek at bistro sets for my patio and he wanted to look at grills (since he is jealous I have one, and he wants to get one too). It was kind of fun to just stroll through the store..sitting on the swings, testing out the patio chairs, and walking around aimlessly. He’s fun, funny, and always has just the right “touch” (quick peck on the cheek, or grasp of the hand) that makes everything light up, no matter what we’re doing (okay, I know, I’m starting to gush, I’ll stop, I promise!). We ended back at his place, talking and lazing around some more before I had to reluctantly head home. On the way out, as we were saying goodbye, he said he had fun at Lowe’s in particular, because we “felt like a couple” – that made me smile, but there’s nothing “set” yet in my mind to define what “we” are and I’m fine with that…in a way, I’d rather he bring it up than me, because I am fine with the pace we’re going and I think I know where it’s headed anyway.

Oh and “live in joy” – well that’s just the inscription on a silvery funky chunky ring CBE gave me randomly (he gets remants of random things from homes he re-opens after they’re foreclosed on, so he got the ring from a recent foreclosure he was listing) – I love the wording and it was just an “on the whim” thing he did that I thought was pretty neat.

So, I like him. A lot. And I feel like it’s the start of something great, and I felt it pretty strongly all weekend. I’m just happy…that it’s going well, that I took the chance and went out with him in the first place, and of course, that it’s going so well.

Oh, and a couple of other signs of “future makings?” He invited me to a party next weekend that he’s going to…to meet his friends. Ack (a good ack!). And, he agreed to do drinks with one of my sisters in a couple of weeks when we go to dinner in Boston for Restaurant Week. Double Ack πŸ˜‰

…and he just emailed me and said “ I like you and in one way that’s scary and on the other hand it’s really cool and exactly what I need.”

…and, just like that, the weekend is over. I’m gonna try to ride this happy high as long as I can this week!

(Just re-read this post – I SO RAMBLED! LOL, get a chuckle out of that peeps!)


One more thing? He’s reading “The Secret” – a book my BSF RAVES about (I’m going to borrow it from him) and he quoted something from it today – β€œTime could stand still, you could do it all day” – he said it reminds him of us. *Insert cute sigh here**

My horoscope today (Libra) is dead-on! I was planning to come home early-ish and work out and get some stuff done, but I decided to “throw caution to the wind” and say “screw it, I’m staying here longer!” Guess it was in the cards, eh? πŸ˜‰

You could benefit from less scheduling today rather than more. Surprisingly, you’ll accomplish a lot more by going with the flow than by making commitments in advance because you could promise so much that you end up being scattered and inefficient. Instead of trying to plan every moment of your day, just let the currents carry you where they will.