I could have lived the happy/glow-y high of this weekend today, but I got stuck in the “I wish” – itis syndrome of a dreary, wet (uh, to the tune of well over 8 inches of rain!!) frustrating work day. What did I wish? Well, it all sort of got mashed up in between a range of things throughout the day (and disclaimer – a large part of this is PMS-related and not only because I went from way up high giddiness to dreary Monday-ness!), but here’s a sampling of what went through my brain today…

I wish…

it was the weekend

it was summer

that I was better at squashing my inner “shy

Kick wasn’t frustrating me (and I magically am perfect at it!)

that I loved my job.

that I had a tan.

that I had an endless clothing budget (helloooo retail therapy – where ARE YOU?!)

that I could go on a tropical vacation (in addition to my mini-getaway to see BDF!)

that I didn’t overthink. Everthing. Yes, even CBE (not that THAT Is a surprise!)

that I could easily shake off frustration.

that it was easier to NOT slide into “can’t wait-itis”

that I had more money (see tropical vacation and endless clothing budget “wishes” above!)

that I could more easily shake off routine (and just go with the flow)

that I could be less uptight.

that I had perfect vision (okay, random “wish” but yes – itchy, dry, irritated eyes at the end of the day is never any fun)

I could go on and on, but that would just be boring for ya’ll, no? And, to be honest, the more wishes I write, the more I feel silly even writing them…because life is GREAT, it’s not nearly as bad as a running laundry list of “wishes” – some of which will come true, and some of which I’ll continue to work on. In the grand scheme of it all, these are more aspirations than needs or hardships – by any stretch – and I’m grateful for the life I’ve built for myself, and it’s just that sometimes my overachiever/overthinking ways get the best of me.

And wow, after writing all of those out, I feel better. Monday’s almost over, and it was capped with a fabulous pedicure with my sister, AND, reading about a Sunshine award from one of my favorites – Random Musings of the Wild Mind – thank you, you are touching and wonderful and I am so thankful for you and all of my blog family. You’re the best.

To the Monday of wish-itis – you’re almost gone – can I get an “arm pump” to that?!


On a side note – just realized that today is a month since my first date with CBE – it feels so much longer – weird how that happens, isn’t it?