Life’s pretty okay.


The weather today in Boston was beyond fantastic and even though I was indoors for most of it, getting in my car tonight in bright, bright daylight, with temps reading close to 70 degrees – IN MARCH – just gave me a jolt of euphoria, and just the energy I need to boost me back into happy mode.

Amazing what the weather can do, isn’t it?!

Having a bit of a bummer day yesterday, but then having some great advice from CBE was just what I needed…and more and more I am realizing that this is definitely different with him, and it makes me feel alive, and excited, and well, happy. I feel less guarded about it, and that scares me just a little, because at the same time, I don’t want to get hurt, so part of me wants to keep that guard up so I don’t “let” myself get hurt.

But then I go back to what I’ve always said…if I can survive something as heartbreaking and painful as divorce, little heartaches here and there should be nothing, in comparison, and beyond that, I’m stronger, happier and more resilient than before. Not that I want to also set myself up for heartache, but being realistic, it’s not like my divorce was the last heartache I’ll ever feel, either (just hopefully not nearly as bad, right?).

Beyond that CBE side-tangent semi-ramble (like how I tend to go in three different directions there with that one thought?! Wonder why…hmm.), I’m excited at the prospect of shoving winter aside (no more blahs!)m welcoming spring and summer, and a lot of fun things planned in the next few months, already. I’m excited, happy, trying to drink it in. If I could capture that euphoric feeling in a bottle, I would, because it feels good.


Speaking of things that make me feel warm and fuzzy – I am truly loving what is going on with this blog family I surround myself with – two things pop out at me with regard to one super fantastic blogger – SingleMomSays – and her quest to truly celebrate turning 40 in Vegas, and her quest to save her home.

She’s received an outpouring of support from several bloggers – sparked by Pippi – to help send her to Vegas for the big 4-0 and I just think that is awesome. If you have the time, take a peek at these posts (found here on Mindy’s page) soliciting help in any way. And, if you can, feel free to donate, via Pippi’s “Lemonade Stand.” VERY cool. I love it.

Second, Mindy is going through a ridiculous mortgage refinance and she’s been chronicalling her debacle with Bank of America and my heart goes out to her more than ever, because I’ve been there…perhaps not nearly as badly, but I’ve been there with my own short sale experience. The mortgage crisis is out of control, the Obama plan helps NOBODY (some PR spin there…amazing, truly amazing – terrible!), and the mortgage companies are made up of a bunch of crooks, if you ask me (okay…let me gently get off my soapbox, clearly, this is a sore subject for me too!). Anyway, she is just one of SO many Americans going through this struggle, and Mandy over at SinceMyDivorce pitched in (literally!) to help, snagging her a spot on a local radio station to tell her story. That is just awesome – in so many ways. So, if you have any connections and can help spread the word here, maybe we can make this viral and make it an example of how terribly bad the system really is. And Mindy – I’m in PR, and I’m happy to help, wherever I can, just say the word!