Today’s post is sort of a potpourri of topics (lots of little random things swirling in my brain on this fine-weathered Thursday!), so stick with me, mmk? ๐Ÿ˜‰


As things continue progressing with CBE, the distance between us (about an hour, one state apart, not terribly bad) is becoming more noticable. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, CBE likes to be spontaneous and he’s mentioned on a few occasions how it’d be great to just be able to swing by and hang out for a few hours, or meet up for coffee, or a run, or a drink, and it’s just not that easy to do with some distance between us.

So, there’s some adjusting to that, and I think it’s managable, but it’s also something you need to learn, I’m realizing…how to make it work, how to adjust your schedule to fit that other person in, how to compromise. These are things I haven’t had to adjust to in more than a year, and it may sound selfish, in a sense, but it’s more that I’m just not used to it. That’s not a bad thing, but it does require a level of compromise on both parts, and an understanding of wanting to make it work, determining how to make it work, and then letting it flow. And, I’m glad CBE wants to make a go of it, see how the distance thing goes, because I think it can, at least in the near-term (we’re still “dating” I guess would be the term for it, still? More on that in a sec).


Another thing with CBE that I’m adjusting to? Some more firsts! He mentioned to me this morning that his neighbors (who are also his friends) were asking about me and want to know when they “get” to meet me. I asked him what he meant, and what he was saying about me…and he said he told them he was “seeing someone” (and they saw me with me when I was there last weekend, I think). He said he’s looking forward to introducing me, and this is the first time he’s ever introduced someone to his friends…um, wow. Really? I’m honestly touched, if he really hasn’t introduced anyone else he’s dated since his divorce (three years ago) to his friends. That makes me feel even more comfortable starting to slowly introduce him to my family and friends.

But, it’s also a first.

And, did you catch the “seeing someone” part? Yeah, me too.

But what does that mean? Am I just debating semantics here, and that’s the same term for “dating?” or does that mean something more?! I mean, I think the “something more” is where we are heading but we haven’t explicitly talked about it yet, but I have a feeling perhaps that conversation is coming sooner rather than later. And that feels right…I think we’ve both been pretty open and honest with each other on our intentions, and so we’ll see what happens when that conversation occurs. Stay tuned, kids!

So, that’s what’s on my mind this evening – would love your thoughts on the long distance thing, for those of you coping with it (I know several of you are as we speak, among my blog family, for starters!) now. I know it can work, but I also know it takes adjusting and a good sense of compromise and commitment.


Okay, one last thing related to CBE -) He sent me a really powerful speech from Oprah (yes, Oprah) called the “Last Lecture” – if you have 10 minutes, please watch.

It’s incredible…and two phrases stick out at me:

Live with integrity.

Live life the right way…dreams will come to you.

Couldn’t be more true.