I Kicked it “wicked hahhhd” today at Group Kick – I haven’t taught a Saturday class in about a month and was feeling a little trepidation about it this morning, because I wanted to really rock it.

And, seriously, sometimes there is NOTHING better than a good adrenaline rush!

I had two friends come to class, which totally made a huge difference – seeing familiar faces – and my co-instructor and I had fun teaching, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, went with the flow. It’s been weighing on my shoulders for awhile – wanting to break out and really just go for it, and I think I’m on my way, the edge towards greatness is almost there…I can feel it.

So, for that, I am glad, and I am truly giddy for such wonderful weather here in New England! It’s close to 70, bright sunny skies, windows are open, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend unfold…especially seeing CBE. We’ve been texting non-stop today, and I’m really looking forward to our time together. Stay tuned…and hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!