Following on last night’s post in my three-parter on “re-learning” in a relationship (which, by the way, I’ve gotten some great feedback and comments on – thank you!) – is my final post on this (for now, maybe more later!) – “re-learning” figuring each other out.

How do you figure each other out?

I mean, I know this also comes in time, and the ins and outs, the moods, the “tics,” the peeves, even…but initially, how do you feel out the moods and figure out what they say vs. what they mean?

I guess this is more of a frustration to me, because I just want to know it all, I want to be able to understand how he (the proverbial “he” – not necessarily CBE, though, him too, of course!) works, what he likes, what he thinks, how he operates, as compared to my own characteristics in these areas – see how they mesh, and even, how they don’t and how we complement each other etc.

But that goes back to – it takes time – and it doesn’t happen overnight, which I get, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it and wish it were easier (almost goes back to having “rules” for dating…though if there were rules, dating would be much too rigid, right?!).

So, when did you “figure each other out?” How long did it take? Love to hear your thoughts on this topic as well!