Happy Quote Friday everyone! I’m keeping it simple today and going with a quote that is absolutely universe, yet, at the same time, it’s easier said than done.

“If you want to be happy, be.”

It’s one of those feelings – happiness – that is more a ‘state of mind’ than it is a feeling, to me, and it’s hard to think that way, sometimes, at least for me. While I am happy with my life and almost everything in it, sometimes I get too focused on the little frustrations that bug me endlessly, or stressing over things I can’t control, or worse, getting angry over things I can’t control. Two blogs this week really resonated with me and that, combined with starting to read “The Secret” and some sage words from CBE, I thought this quote was perfect for how I am feeling, and the mindset I’m trying to create for myself – ongoing happiness – because truly, life is great, and it’s something to be enjoyed, not rushed through to get to the “good parts.”

Chaz had a fantastic post this week on his new mantra – “Just for today, I will not dread, regret, resent” – he goes on to say:

I simply resolved at the beginning and throughout each day, to avoid wherever possible these three pitfalls of thinking.  Any time my mind migrated there, I would simply immediately redirect to something positive.  I would not join in the internal dialogue in my head that would say things like,

“Man, today is going to be a tough day”, (dread)

“You really should have chosen a career as __________ “, (regret)

“I really hate that guy”, (resent)

You get the picture, I am sure.  I simply found myself drifting into these thought paths more than I cared to and to no practical end.  I was the only one who was hurt when I did.  Well, initially anyway.  Then I would hurt others by my behaviour that resulted from the emotional funk from dreading, resenting, and regretting.

And who am I to question God as to why the path I took was not the right one for me?  How do I know I am not exactly where I need to be and can be of most value to myself, God, my family, and humanity?

I just think that’s such a great, simple, way of looking at life, and nixing those negative thoughts of resent, dread or regret and I really want to take a page out of Chaz’s book here and try to shift my own thinking – because it is so easy to just fall into that trap of negativity, when really, what’s the point?

My sister also had a wonderful post that I keep re-reading – recapping a recent Joel Osteen post (she beat me to it! heh.) – on letting yourself “bloom, right where you’re planted.” An excerpt from that post:

“Too many people in this world are living a negative and discouraged life…they don’t like their job, where they live, what they want to be…when they get stuck in traffic, its not where they want to be. Always fighting against where they are, wanting to be somewhere else. But God is more interested in me, than changing my circumstances. He’s more interested in changing me. To open those doors, the key is to bloom right where you’re planted. You have to be the best that you can be, right where you are.

YES!! that’s the ticket – it’s about being the best, happiest, most positive YOU – despite it all. The way I look at it…if life were to end tomorrow, would I have lived my best life? I want to be able to answer a resounding yes to that – the best, happiest, most positive life.

So – BE happy.


On the CBE front – he’s been great at giving me an alternate perspective – he has a sticky note on his counter that says – are you close to where you want to be? I just think that’s a great reminder – always strive for the best. And, on that note, he’s coming to my neck of the words…for the weekend. Stay tuned 😉