Okay, so maybe I’m stretching it just a wee bit – but I am on the about to take my self-proclaimed “epic” mini-vaca to visit my BDF in Florida – and I am calling this my kinda-sorta-solo-trip (per one of my new year’s resolutions as part of the “year of me!”), because I’ve never taken a trip by myself to visit a friend, or towards a vacation. I’ve always been with someone.

Whether that “someone” has been my ex-husband (btw, a few of my friends “in real life” noticed I’ve started referring to Pete as my ex-husband – have I really not referred to him that way often before? I guess I truly hadn’t noticed!), my sister, my family, or friends, generally, I’ve always been with someone.

Sure, I’ve taken business trips by myself, but those have been few and far in between, basically, and taking a trip “alone” for personal reasons and not work reasons somehow just feels different.

I’m excited and really looking forward to spending some time with BDF (aka Amy), one of my closest friends (yet, ironically, living so far away!), particularly since my divorce started. I know I’ve blogged a lot about how our relationship has grown, but I am truly blessed to have her in my life. She is a wonderful, true, honest, and devoted friend, and really, what more can you ask for, right?

And, of course, it helps that we share a past – both going through divorce – that bonds us even more. We’ve been friends since middle school, and have lots to “look back on” but also plenty of the “here and now” to discuss – CBE, her upcoming wedding, catching up on each other’s lives that we don’t get to chat about all too often on a regular basis.

And, her fiancee is fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing him too – though I think by the end of the trip, he’s going to see a whole new side to us that perhaps he hadn’t expected (they stayed with me overnight last fall, but just one night, not several…we have just a wee bit longer to cause mischief, drink lots and lots of wine, and cause general havoc – heh.) Watch out 😉 It’s going to be epic!


I’ll have a post set up for Quote Friday – of course – and also have a guest post teed up from Travis at A Culminating Life – it’s a goodie – so, enjoy! And, if you want to do a guest post for me…I am all ears, and I, of course, am happy to reciprocate! Happy week/weekend everyone!