As I draft this post, in the airport, waiting to head home, I’m feeling really good.





A little tan.

A little tired.

But most of all?

Very fortunate and grateful to have such a fabulous friend in BDF (well, I guess we can just call her Amy now, since, in a couple of months, she will be married, no longer “divorced”).

The trip couldn’t have come at a better time, as I stand at the cusp of what to do about CBE (stay tuned for a full post on that tomorrow), as a much-needed break from the everyday grind, and at a time where I just plain ole needed to get away from it all to think, enjoy, and just release myself from it all.

And, it was exactly what I had hoped for, and more. Amy and I had a blast! And, her fiancee, Eric, is just so awesome, I can’t put it into words…I am so happy she’s found her perfect fit, because he truly, truly is, and he’s just an all-around great guy. I like him a lot, we get along great, he’s genuinely interested in my life as well, and I just think that’s awesome. (I even joked to Amy – just clone Eric for me, and I’d be a happy camper! ha).

So, what did we do? Here’s a quick recap for ya (see the trip in pics in part I of this post)

On Thursday, when I arrived in Tampa, we grabbed an early bite at Ocean Prime, which was delicious, and much-needed as I’m already ravenous after a flight, for some reason. The conversation of course flowed easily, and the topic of CBE came up pretty quickly, and well, at that point, I think I’d already decided what I wanted to do, but hadn’t explicitly said it, but Amy could just tell by the tone of my voice when chatting about the latest (again, I’ll rehash it all in another post) and it was sort of the validation I needed – her reaction to what I was saying, my body language, and tone.

We headed to their place, in Lakeland, which is about 45 mins away and spent the rest of the evening, well, drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine. It was delish, but well, the three of us polished off two bottles of wine (and Eric really only had two glasses), so you do the math 😉 So yeah, I may have woken up slightly hungover (whoops!) 😉

Friday, Amy and I spent the day together. We had an awesome run around the lake by her place, only a 3 miler, which was perfect because I was suffering from major shin splints for some reason. But, the scenery was beautiful, the palm trees gave me serenity, the air was warm, the sun was shining and I was feeling happy. We spent much of the rest of the day shopping for her wedding dress. Something simple. Something fairly casual. Something a little harder to find than you’d think, right? 😉 Well, I am thrilled to say we found “the” dress, after just a handful of stores, and it was perfect. She looks great in it and she’ll be stunning as she gets married in June at a winery in Oregon (which, by the way, is my idea of a perfect way to get married!). We had a delicious Amy-prepared dinner, including a tasty app of some gourmet cheeses, edamame and yummy sangria (hence the sangria pics!).

And, today (Saturday), we took a long walk around their neighborhood, with the dog, and that too, as simple as it sounds, was great. It was nice to get some activity in, enjoy the outdoors, and a near-perfect day, weather wise (sunny, not too humid, perfect temps). We spent the rest of the day on the deck, in the sun (getting a little much needed-color! woo!), relaxing, chatting, laughing.

So, all in all, it was the perfect getaway for me, mentally, and physically as well, and seeing Amy and her financee interact, fit so well together, and just be so damn happy…well, it’s inspired me. It’s inspired me to know that “that” kind of love is out there for me, it will happen, and it will happen when it’s meant to. I deserve to find that just-right fit, with a man that digs me as much as I dig him, that shares the same views (more or less), that is driven, fun, honest, and genuine. He’s out there. Somewhere.

And finally, I realize how very special true and honest friendship is.

Amy and I have that, and it’s something we’ve developed most heavily since our respective divorces, even though we’ve always been good friends since middle school. She’s devoted, honest, and truly cares for me, as do I for her. I’m lucky to have her as a friend, as with my small circle of friends…the ones that are there for you, getting through the bad times, and enjoying the good times!

And, in closing, a few super funny (and some of which make no sense except to Amy and her financee and me, but I just have to capture them because they are a riot!):

  • Calorically adventurous
  • Fart particles
  • Are you sure?
  • Giving birth to felines (what a toast that was!)
  • I think you’re making it up, if it’s made in Pennsylvania, you can eat it
  • I don’t think there’s lactose in that (cabo wabo)
  • Living like a balla!
  • I was blushing
  • Jonila…isn’t that your last name?!
  • Creepy yellow haired guy
  • That’s like me saying I’m a descendant of Malcolm X
  • Nobody ever talks about Davy Crockett he real or fake?!