Okay, it’s blog confession time.

I joined chemistry.com for real (not just the free weekend awhile back, which is where I met CBE).

Why so soon after the end of CBE?

I’m not sure, but just felt like it was something I wanted to do. Maybe a little bit on a whim, but I’m feeling as though I’m in this mode of discovery and I want to keep moving ahead with the dating thang.

Sure, it may be fruitless.

But, it may also be fruitful.

And, it will most certainly be entertaining, right? At a minimum?

I was lamenting how when brainy blonde ended things with me that I decided to go on a self-imposed dating hiatus for awhile to let things settle and determine where I wanted to go next in the whole dating experience of mine, but with CBE, I want to jump right back in.

You’d think I would want time to recover, so to speak.

But I realized suddenly that I brainy blonde hurt me more than my “quasi-relationship” with CBE ever did.


Well, that was a realization I wasn’t quite expecting. I guess I sort of shoved back the hurt from brainy blonde (I was blindsided by that, and the potential I saw there was stronger, earlier, the connection was starting, I realize now) and now hindsight is smacking me upside the head a little.

Ending things with CBE was the right thing to do. That was the final realization for me (signing up for chemistry.com, that is, and then the realization that I wasn’t feel hurt like I was with BB). And yes, I realize I said yesterday I was “done” talking about CBE. Well, I am…this post was less about him than about this thing called dating, mmk? šŸ˜‰

So, without further ado – onward I go – chemistry.com, here I come. Wheeee!


So, as some of you may be aware, chemistry.com is sort of similar to eHarmony in that you take a long questionaire and are assigned matches that way. Well, chemistry.com assigns you a “type” and I’m a builder – see below for the description – uh, yeah, that describes me to a “T” doesn’t it?!

You are popular, trustworthy and dependable. People like you for many reasons; but among them you tend to be stable, loyal and caring and you have a wonderful knack for common sense.

You are a guardian. Your relationships with friends, kin and colleagues are important to you. So you spend time and energy developing and defending your social networks.

You are a good executive and manager. People almost instinctively feel you can supervise financial, business and social issues effectively. And because you are sensible and factual, you can.

You work hard. You like schedules. You are detail oriented. And you tend to respect traditions. So you bring strength and stability to your social and business environments.

Yet you admire people who are spontaneous and you enjoy new and different ideas and experiences, as long as they are not dangerous. Respectability and appropriateness are important to you. And you are capable of deep, solid friendships.