Disclaimer – I promise this post isn’t a complaint-laden one, but I just have a couple of frustrations brewing and what better way to get them out than on my very own blog, right? So, bear with me, mmk? πŸ˜‰

Frustration #1 – Group Kick.


So, you know that just about-the-hardest-thing-I’ve-ever-done thing – that Group Kick assessment thing? Well, there’s a chance I may have to redo it.

Um yeah, not so happy about that.

“Kimmie” my fitness director finally got around to watching my assessment video (oh, only two weeks after I taped, but I digress) and I finally got some 1:1 time with her last night after practice to get her feedback. She feels that I need to tighten up some of my moves a bit (but, in my opinion, while that’s valid, I feel the areas that I need to work on are problem areas we are all still working on), and make them more powerful. Okay, fair enough.


When I asked – “do you think I will pass if I mail this video in?”

Her answer? Yes, probably.

So, why go through the torture of re-taping when I can mail that one in, and in the meantime, work like hell to improve my form issues and make my moves more powerful?

Therein lies the frustration.

While I may fight her on that a bit harder than I did last night, because I just want to get past the assessment, hopefully pass (if I fail, I retape, and by then, a few weeks from now, my thinking is that my form will have improved, so why not take the chance, right?!). So, this Group Kick journey continues and while I am mostly enjoying it all, it’s moments like this that get me so frustrated because I am working really hard and see the improvements, but on the other hand, I am frustrated with myself because I know exactly what she’s talking about regarding my power and how it wanes as the class progresses. It’s because I have always done a ton of home DVDs and not a lot of classes, so it’s so easy to just get stuck in a trance, almost, going through the motions and not pushing it as far as you could. That habit – way, way, way harder to break than it sounds.

So, I’m back at it, I’m going to kick it into high gear (no pun intended) and hopefully, hopefully, prove to her that I can do it, that I am not just good – but great.

Frustration #2

Dating. Bet you saw that one coming from a mile away, huh?!

No, it’s not my most recent foray into chemistry.com (way too premature for that!), it’s just the lack of true “success” at it – why does it seem so difficult for me – a not-terribly-bad-looking (my lame attempt at saying I’m not bad looking, without sounding like a complete ego-maniac because clearly, I am so not, and so don’t think I’m the best thing since sliced bread in the looks department – I’m ‘aight – heh.) – 30 year old, that is fun, active, happy and funny – to attract what I’d call the “right” guys – those with the qualities that I’m looking for? And, not on chemistry.com, since that’s basically out of my control, since the matches are sent to me (still something that’s hard to get used to, I must admit), but generally.

Where are the guys? Seriously, where are they?

If they’re at the gym, they don’t tend to approach (and okay, I am a wuss in that department too, probably a big part of my problem – SinglieGirlie is my idol! Heh.). If they’re at the restaurants and bars I am at, they don’t tend to approach (again, same problem, my fault there too. Catch-22 in a way). And, heck, they’re not even at the grocery store πŸ˜‰

Anyway, that’s just more of a general rant, because I just wonder how the heck people meet each other these days, if not through a friend (come on friends – pony up! ha), family, or when out on the town?

Online, I suppose.

So, I’m sticking that part out, for now, and in the meantime, keeping my eyes peeled for potentials at the aforementioned places above, and maybe I’ll grow some one of these days and approach. Maybe that should be on my to-be-determined bucket list (ha).