There’s so much going on in my brain today that I’m not sure what I want to focus on – it’s as if I have the opposite of writer’s block and can’t focus in on one topic.

So you can get a sense of what’s swirling in my brain – here’s a snapshot.

…my bucket list – what’s on it?

…was my divorce necessary? (don’t worry, this one isn’t about regretting my divorce, even though it wasn’t my decision, it was more a thought around why it got to that point so fast and if there really ever was a hard and fast reason)

…when will I find love – the kind of love that is all-encompassing, that you succumb to, mind and body (in a good way), that, as my BDFF‘s beau put it – it’s disgusting how much I love you (again, in a good way!)…

…do I want that love right now? Am I ready?

…the difference between romance and dating and love and romance– my epiphany (this may become a guest post for BSF, though).

and a few other happy thoughts I wanted to capture –

…wonderful supportive blog comments that are simply stated (loved Mindy’s in particular from yesterday‘s post)

…fun “virtual” convos with INRIS and Diary of a Divorced Guy, separately, but both entertaining…

…the fact that Bloggers in Sin City is one month away – woo-freakin-hoo!

…that not only one, but two of my closest divorced friends are heading towards tying the knot – finding that all-encompassing love that is still elusive for me (but that’s okay).

So, with that sampling of thoughts swirling in my brain, I’m going to leave today’s post at that…too much in my brain, and not enough focus to hone in on just one.