Trying something a little different as I continue “dabbling” in my online dating ways. Why not discuss the potentials of the latest boy prospect on the horizon a la an “audit,” shall we?

So, as I mentioned a couple days ago, I got a message on OK Cupid – a site I really haven’t been active in, in months – and was pleasantly surprised. This guy seems great so far and while I’m not going to get my hopes or expectations up too high since we haven’t even met yet, I figured I’d go with an “audit” of some of what I’ve learned so far of him vs. some of things I am looking for to share how he shapes up, so far.

Here goes:

  • He’s 30, as am I. His birthday is October 1- which is 5 days before mine. Both Libras. Kind of cool. I don’t really follow astrology to a “T’ or anything but do feel I fall into the typical Libra ways in terms of compromise, balance and avoiding confrontation. Something to be aware of, I suppose, should things progress beyond date #1 😉
  • He lives less than 15 miles from me, and is one town over from where I work. I dig that.
  • He has three older sisters whom he is very close with (AND one of them is pregnant too!). I think this is great, since I am really close with my sisters, too…and as one of my fabulous friends pointed out (you know who you are), if he’s close with his sisters, and they are older than him, he MUST know how to treat a woman right, or they’d probably kick his ass. Word.
  • He loves wine. Loves it. Especially red. Except Merlot (um hi, me too.)
  • He loves to travel, get into the city, go to the beach, read a good book (sharing many of the same favorites as me, in terms of authors).
  • He also works at the same company as aforementioned friend (huge company though, so they don’t actually know each other or work in the same building). Totally coincidental but again, kinda cool.

So, that’s what I know so far. Oh, and he likes to work out, too. Which, I am finding is more important to me than I thought. I had a couple of initial emails with a guy on and when he said he “wasn’t a fan” of the gym, it was a total turn-off, and maybe that’s just me and my own quirks about loving the gym, but for me, it is important, and if my partner doesn’t share that whatsoever, well, that’s a sticking point.

So, that’s it, folks. I think we’re planning to meet up on Monday, so stay tuned for more on that. I’m playing it low-key, but feel good about it so far. The true test, of course, will be in-person, chemistry and all that jazz. So far so good. All you can ask for, right?