We interrupt the usually-more-serious, usually-more-personal, usually-more-insightful blog to bring you TIAGO!!!

Yes, my friends, I got to meet my absolute FAVORITE Group Kick instructor (he works for Body Training Systems and has been in the past two of our instructor DVDs, and he’s well, very easy on the eyes) – Tiago – today after my Ride class, and well, it’s the only thing I can currently think about so I figured I’d gush, I mean, blog it out for all of your amusement 😉

One of the other Group Kick instructors (Steph) and I decided we’d “hang around” practicing on the heavy bag for awhile because we knew he was coming to our gym (from Atlanta..he puts the HOT in HOTlanta!! teehee, yes, I’m 13, suddenly, I realize) for a Group Ride Intensive class (one of those days I *really* wish I taught Ride!) and we wanted to meet him. So we did, and we chatted with a few other instructors who were still there after class (one of which was CSB…yea, he’s stil a cutie, but has NOTHING on Tiago!). Just as we walked over to practice at the bag, he walked in the door.




Steph and I ran back over to the reception area, tried to compose ourselves as we were both super giggly, and me, well, I was shaking! Like, seriously, hi, I’m 30, not 13, how is this man making me shake in my sneaks?! It felt like meeting a really hot celebrity, on one hand, but on the other, it also just gave me a super jolt of inspiration to keep fighting my Group Kick demons and go for the gold. It was just awesome. He was extremely nice, we chatted about Kick and training for it, as well as Body Training Systems, in general, and all the work that goes into the trainings, the intensives, and the tapings etc. It was quite cool.

And, wow, is he hot. Tall, lean, muscular, and oh, did I mention he has a sexy Brazilian accent too?! Not too heavy, just enough where it’s well, sexy. Okay, seriously, I need to stop gushing. I’ll leave you with the trailer for the April ’10 release that we’re launching next week – he’s in the middle (with the “Let it Rock” song) and is the taller of the two dark-haired men – c’mon, admit it, that man is gorgeous 😉