After yesterday’s pity party for one and a ton of really good feedback from my IRL and blog family (thank you a million times over!), I am feeling a little better today (I say a “little” only because I am in dire need of a Monday do-over as I started the day with a case of the clumsies, spilled coffee all over myself, dropped about 14 things while getting ready for work, all before 7:30 am…).

And, on top of that, sometimes it truly is the little things in life that make such a huge difference. As IntrigueMe over at Quarter for Her Thoughts pointed out in her post (wow, great minds think alike, huh? The end of her post is similar to mine, as we speak!) – we had a fantastic conversation on gmail chat…it was fun, and girlie, and just what I needed. Add to that a fun conversation about life, dating, blogging, and other chit-chat with Travis from A Culminating Life, and I’m feeling the blog love from my family – and those were two instances of good timing for chats (along with the blog comments I got last night/this morning) that have brightened my mood and outlook.

And, as several comments commented on my blog – and where I agree – sometimes you do need to just feel what you’re feeling and realize that 1) we’re allowed to have bad days, 2) give yourself more credit for all that you’ve accomplished despite said bad day, and 3) this is a constant journey, it requires continued effort, but in the end, it pays off, and you’re a happier, better person.

And I know all of this is so right, and that I was just having a bad day…but part of me felt sheepish for even feeling that way, for some reason, and feeling as though I’d taken a huge leap back to day one, feeling weak and demoralized…but I think it was more the fact that I was just frustrated with a bevy of little things and they all bubbled up into one big ole pity party.

Well, pity party no more – there’s life to be lived and I’m going to enjoy it…and besides, I need to perk up…I have a date tonight πŸ˜‰ (and maybe another potentially brewing…more on that later).